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AN: SV-019556


Short Item:

  • Wireless pairing with the subwoofer
  • Optical input
  • Wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth
  • Built-in audio files player from USB-flash
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    • Wireless pairing with the subwoofer
    • Optical input
    • Wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth
    • Built-in audio files player from USB-flash
    • LED display
    • Remote control
    • Wall mountable soundbar
Maximum power, W 180
Output power (RMS), W subwoofer: 100; soundbar: 2 × 40
Frequency range, Hz subwoofer: 50 – 150
soundbar: 150 – 20 000
Rated current, A subwoofer: 0.03
soundbar: 0.03
Dynamic speakers diameter (subwoofer), mm Ø 145
Dynamic speakers diameter (satellites), mm 4 × Ø 46
Remote control available
Power supply ~230 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions (W × H × D), mm subwoofer: 200 × 305 × 300
soundbar: 900 × 102 × 70
Weight, kg subwoofer: 3.83
soundbar: 1.82
Color black

The speakers of the vast majority of televisions do a good job only with reproducing the voices of newsreaders, but for music and special effects in movies, a more serious solution is required. But the large speakers of a full-format home theater are not the most convenient and comfortable way out of the situation. For those who want to save space and minimize costs, SVEN has offered a new soundbar kit SVEN SB-2150A with a wireless subwoofer.

The total power of the system is an impressive 180 watts — enough for even a large living room, needless to mention smaller rooms. A large subwoofer speaker with a diameter of 145 mm provides "bass support" in the range from 50 to 150 Hz, and as many as four speakers with a diameter of 46 mm are responsible for reproducing medium and high frequencies. All this "orchestra" is able to significantly expand the capabilities of the TV, adding new colors to movies, games, sports broadcasts and other programs.

The creators of the SVEN SB-2150A made it easy and pleasant to use. All information about the operation is displayed on the LED display, control is carried out using the remote control. There will be no problem with the placement of the kit. The subwoofer is equipped with a wireless connection, and the soundbar can be either installed on a shelf next to the TV or placed on the wall — all fasteners are included. The user will also find the necessary cables in the box with SVEN SB-2150A — you don’t need to purchase anything additionally.

SVEN SB-2150A can work with both - TV and other devices due to support of Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI ARC, optical digital input and analog AUX. And even this is not all: the device is also equipped with a player for audio files that works with USB drives and TF cards. It is very easy to discover new horizons of high-quality sound if you have SVEN SB-2150A. Look for it in the catalogs of household appliances and electronics stores, there you will find another pleasant surprise-an affordable price.

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