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Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speakers

SVEN Trade Mark is established and recognized leader in the market of computer acoustics. After the researching of the latest developments in the field of sound, the Company introduced a new trend - portable Bluetooth speakers. In developing of this line we emphasize the use of innovative achievements, previously available only in expensive professional solutions. At the same time we managed to keep the balance of price and unique characteristics of SVEN technology. Owing to the technology of production of big acoustics, we maintained the quality of real portable wireless speakers. Bright sound, regardless of the size - that's the base idea of the SVEN portable speaker systems.

Design and colors are selected in accordance with modern trends of design. Black and silver, plastic and aluminum, the original forms, and nonstandard engineering and design solutions, all this facets lets you choose an individual accessory for everyone.

The features of SVEN portable Bluetooth speakers: facility, compact and diminutive dimensions. These allow the user easy to take the wireless speakers to the journey and enjoy your favorite music at any time.

The motto of the new series: minimum of space - maximum of sound!