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2.0 Multimedia Speaker Systems

SVEN Computer Stereo Systems - a wide number of acoustic from smart ABS plastic 2.0 speakers, perfectly complement any workspace, to high-end stereo, affecting HI-FI quality sound fans. The initial level of SVEN 2.0 multimedia speakers range - is, first of all, the elegance and the style. The architecture and colors are chosen specifically to meet modern trends in the design of computer components.

Black and silver, plastic and aluminum, the ideal shapes and innovative solutions - choosing and combining, you can find a stylish accessory for your Hi-Tech environment. The main components of the budget level and the HI-FI level of 2.0 multimedia speaker systems are high quality materials used in producing: these are silk for tweeter, pure gold terminals, durable MDF for case. Great sound, ease of use and convenient operation are the basic qualities that distinguish the SVEN brand audio. This is a really easy solution to listening to music, watching movies and soundtracks of computer games, without waste.