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Portable acoustics SVEN PS-680 — a Party Everywhere!

Is it possible to take the atmosphere of Disco, Karaoke club and the dance floor outdoors? Yes, if you have a new SVEN PS-680 portable speaker system. Saving the best features of the lineup, the engineers of the Finnish company have added even more power to the novelty, bringing its level to an impressive 65 watts. This is enough to arrange the noisiest house party or to “rock” your dance floor outdoors.

Portable acoustics SVEN PS-680
Portable acoustics SVEN PS-680

The speaker connects to a smartphone or other source via Bluetooth. Also supported via wired connection and playback of files recorded on USB-flash and microSD. If a favorite play list is no longer brings same joy and there is no DJ among friends, you can always turn on the built-in FM receiver. There is also an option to set up a wireless connection of two speakers to one source - it allows you to achieve incredible power for portable devices and create a stereo base to achieve the sound like on a real dance floor.

Three large speakers are responsible for the sound in the new SVEN PS-680: Low frequency has a diameter of 140 mm, and two medium and high frequencies - 70 mm each. This allows the speaker to produce a balanced sound over a wide frequency range from 45Hz to 22kHz, while creating a noticeable bass accent that will be especially appropriate when playing rhythmic dance tracks. If you want to adjust the sound a little to your taste - no problem, the built-in equalizer will assist.

At the same time, the audio system remains fully portable - its weight is a bit more than 4 kg, and the dimensions make it easy to put it in a car. The convenient handle and a strong plastic case will allow you not to worry too much about the device during transportation. The usage is pleasant and comfortable as well: all information about its operation is displayed on a bright LED display, the control is carried out using the keys on the top panel and the remote control.

If the guests are a bit shy to dance - no worries, just turn off the lights and turn on the device’ lighting. After dancing it’s surely the Karaoke time and you can connect a microphone to SVEN PS-680 and start singing. It’s easy and pleasant due to a separated volume control and an echo function that adds volume to the vocals. This all works autonomously - the system can work for hours without being connected to a power outlet - two lithium-ion batteries of 4400 mAh each are responsible for this. You can take the new PS-680 with you for the next Party - it has appeared on the shelves.