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SVEN PS-195 portable speaker - image with a full set of skills

The new portable speaker PS-195 is another example of the classic style from SVEN: a strict rectangular shape, no useless decorations, smooth curves of the control panel — everything is constructed with the maximum taste and attention to details. Holding it - is hard to even imagine that it has a relatively low price and is quite accessible to a wide range of music lovers who do not want stay without the music anywhere.

SVEN PS-195 portable acoustics
SVEN PS-195 portable acoustics

Inside of this wonderful compact case 238×76×84 mm, there are two speakers with a diameter of 45 mm each, providing bright and loud sound in a wide frequency range. The power for portable speakers is also solid — 16 watts. Well, the built-in battery with a capacity of 2400 mAh will give you long hours of work. In general, this is quite a serious device with only 850 grams weight.

Each new product from SVEN has its own interesting feature — the company's engineers are sensitive to user’s requests, adding functions that generally being not very much necessary, make operations more interesting and enjoyable. The PS-195 has the ability to make a quick wireless pairing with a source - gadget using an NFC module. It is enough to attach the devices to each other for a couple of seconds — and you're done, you just need to press one button in your smartphone interface. If you don’t have enough volume or you need a brighter stereo effect, you can connect a second speaker from the same series via Bluetooth to one source.

And, of course, a wired connection is supporting the device. It is simple, reliable and allows you to save charge on the built-in battery. And even this is not all. There’s a hidden media payer inside the SVEN PS-195 that allows you to listen to audio files from USB drives and microSD memory cards - you just need to grab the device with you. Well, if you don’t have the mem cards with you — you can always immerse yourself in the world of FM, because there is also a built-in radio. But before that, you need to do one more very important thing — find SVEN PS-195 on the shelf or in the catalog of your favorite store. You can do this right now; the Speaker has already gone on sale.