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SVEN IC-302 webcam — an easy way to video communication

Nowadays videoconferencing is not just a way to see and hear the people you're talking to. Working meetings, project discussions, communication with relatives and friends — a lot of things are online now. This means, that a web-camera is an important feature for PC, it is required even for those, who have not thought about video communication. And often it is required to organize it quickly, easily and with no extra cost. For such cases there is a model by SVEN titled IC-302.

SVEN IC-302 webcam
SVEN IC-302 webcam

This is a low-cost solution with 640×480p resolution, that will be great for work tasks and allow you to tune into communication. The camera offers a view angle of 60° — so if required, even two people will be seen on the screen. The device can be connected via USB, which takes just a couple of minutes. If a PC is not fitted with a mic, just use the one built in IC-302. It is connected via audio input jack 3.5.

There are no problems with mounting. The device has a very stable leg — the camera can be easily mounted on a table. With just a single motion it turns into a clamp, allowing you to attach IC-302 on a TV set or a monitor. And it stands reliably thanks to a well-designed fitting and a small weight — just 76 g. And of course, the camera can rotate — there is no problem to find a required angle. The developers takes care of maximum user experience and have added a backlight to the front panel controlled using the button on the cable — if it is dark in the room, you won't need to look for additional light sources, because SVEN IC-302 offers everything you need.

And of course, the cost of the device makes it affordable to a wide range of users — this will be an additional advantage for those who urgently need a video connection for work or communication with relatives. You can already purchase SVEN IC-302 — look for it in catalogs of large electronics stores. And then just a few minutes, and a video conferencing world will be open for you.