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SVEN AP-B370MV Wireless Headset — Great Sound for Everyday Use

SVEN has presented new over-the-ear wireless headphones with a mic you can wear all day long: literally morning through night. A robust folding design means you can easily carry SVEN AP-B370MV headset around, and the high-tech Rubber Coating means it is always nice to touch.

SVEN AP-B370MV Wireless Headset
SVEN AP-B370MV Wireless Headset

The headset design mixes in some features of retro style indicated by earcup arms into the finesse of contemporary devices. As a result, the device has an original but smart look and will equally seamlessly match a casual or a business outfit. Even though the earcups are quite small, engineers managed to squeeze in 40-millimeter drivers that deliver both deep base and clear midrange. The ability to use a wide range of sound sources is a definite advantage. To begin with, there is, of course, Bluetooth connectivity: the wireless link is stable at distances up to10 meters. The headset also has a mini-jack cable connection.

However, its truly remarkable feature is that it has a built-in audio player with a SD card slot on the right-side earcup. There is even more though: the headset has a built-in FM radio, too, just to make sure the owner is never bored. The device’s battery supports about 8 hours of wireless operation and will last you a full day of non-stop music playback.

Physical buttons on the side face of the right earcup allow hassle-free volume and track control: there is no need to take out and unblock your smartphone. A built-in mic enables not only making phone calls but also recording adequate quality voice messages. In short, this device is as versatile as it gets.