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SVEN AP-U1500MV gaming headset — virtual volume and customization

Surround sound and a variety of customization options - what more could you ask for from a gaming headset? Of course, an excellent level of comfort and reliability, as well as the ability to communicate easily and with pleasure with teammates. And all this is in the AP-U1500MV gaming headphones recently presented by SVEN. The device offers sports players not only a new level of immersion in games, but also the real advantage in virtual battles - 7.1 surround sound allows you to localize opponents and other sources of dange clearly.

SVEN AP-U1500MV gaming headset
SVEN AP-U1500MV gaming headset

Switchable LED backlighting allows you to subtly control the gaming atmosphere and attract the eyes of those around you. Turning on the backlight and adjusting the sound are made using special software that allows you to give the device individuality and ensure its maximum compliance with the requests and needs of a particular user. The highest level of comfort and passive sound isolation is achieved with a comfortable headband and soft ear cushions that work together to achieve a perfect fit to the headset.

A separate "attraction" of SVEN AP-U1500MV headphones is the cable. The first thing that attracts attention is, of course, the stylish and durable fabric braid. It not only protects against chafing and other damage, but also prevents tangling… there’s also a convenient remote control, thanks to which you can literally control the volume, microphone and backlight with just one movement, without pausing the gameplay. The source is connected via USB, which allows for the highest level of sound quality, which is also responsible for the high-end 50mm neodymium magnet drivers.

And, of course, very important comment about the microphone, which can be removed and reinstalled, depending on the scenario of using the headphones. Thanks to its wind protection and high sensitivity of -42 dB, it allows you to easily and effectively communicate with teammates on a team during the hottest game battles. And SVEN offers all this at an affordable cost for a wide range of users, which can be seen right now - sales in electronics and household appliances stores have already started.