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Fully wireless headset SVEN E-700B - reliability and autonomy

Fully wireless headsets have easily overtaken their other "colleagues" in popularity, which is obvious— users choose convenience and comfort. That’s why, the Finnish company SVEN is actively expanding its devices line of this type, offering solutions with a variety of characteristics and capabilities. The new E700B has collected the main features that we all love and appreciate. Starting, of course, with the connection via Bluetooth version 5.0, which is truly wireless.

Fully wireless headset SVEN E-700B
Fully wireless headset SVEN E-700B

The case of the headset is compact and easily fits not only the handbag, but also a pocket. It is made of unmarked black plastic, which does not attract too much attention and looks organically with both casual clothes and a business suit. The case is charged through the most common and popular USB Type C connector, which is extremely convenient — if necessary, you can always find a compatible charger. Although you don't have to look for it too often — the working time of the headphones from a single charge is up to 4 hours taking the charge from the case, the total autonomy reaches 15 hours — this is definitely enough for the whole day: to get to work, to talk on the phone in the office, and… to go to training.

By the way… concerning the voice communication: the microphones of the headset are sensitive enough and are able to transmit the user's speech in a high quality — the phone calls and recording of the voice messages will bring only joy to both the SVEN E-700B user and his interlocutors. The engineers did a great job over the sound: the headphones play perfectly in a wide frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz. And, of course, the headset allows you to control incoming calls and track playback — all this can be done without taking out a smartphone or other gadget. The new SVEN E-700B headphones have already appeared in electronics stores and are waiting for their first customers.