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SVEN E-335B wireless headset - dive into the sea of sound

Only the sound and communication — no cables and other inconveniences. During the walk or in the gym, in the office or on public transport, the new SVEN E-335B wireless headset will become your reliable companion, always ready to play your favorite music or podcasts, and make a call or record a voice message. And, of course, it will emphasize your personality and style — the design of the new product is strict and concise, but at the same time it is as attractive as possible.

SVEN E-335B wireless headset
SVEN E-335B wireless headset

The first thing that attracts attention is the case for storing and charging headphones. The soft-touch finish, LED indicators on the front panel and the original shape of the case resemble the best of the premium products, despite the fact that SVEN E-335B is offered at an affordable price for a wide range of buyers. At the same time, the case is not large and will easily fit your pocket. The charging is carried out through the most common USB Type C port today.

The headphones are made in the "in-ear" form factor and are as comfortable as possible: they do not sink deep into the ear canal providing a reliable fit and excellent sound in a wide frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz. In addition to play the music, they allow you to control incoming calls and track the playback — the user can perform the main actions in one movement without taking out a smartphone or other gadget from his pocket.

The built-in battery is able to support the autonomous operation of the headphones for up to 3 hours — it will be enough for a long walk, and for a trip to the office or a workout. The full charging from the case reaches 12 hours, this will definitely be enough for the whole day. The headset's highly sensitive microphones perfectly cope with voice transmission even in rough conditions — communication with friends, colleagues and relatives together with SVEN E-335B will bring only pleasure. You can become the owner right now — the sales in large electronics stores have already started.