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SVEN MS-2085 2.1 gaming acoustics - bright atmosphere without wire

Shots and dialogues, rustles of footsteps and explosions - gaming speakers should demonstrate the entire palette of sounds in order to make his path to victory as pleasant and effective as possible. The basis of the new SVEN MS-2085 acoustics is precisely the high-quality sound and the ability to fully convey the emotional charge of games, movies and music.

SVEN MS-2085 2.1 Gaming Acoustics
SVEN MS-2085 2.1 Gaming Acoustics

The satellites are equipped with 70 mm speakers, and the subwoofer is equipped with a large 145 mm driver. The speaker enclosures are compact enough for comfortable placement in the playing area, while reproducing a wide frequency range from 45 Hz to 20 kHz, and 60 W of power – it’s exactly enough even for a large room. The quality as always - the top, the acoustics are made of wood (MDF) - everything is done at a level that the users meet only in mid-range HiFi systems and above. Much attention has been paid to the appearance, as well as the ability of the audio system to influence the atmosphere of the room - the switchable blue backlight will help to tune the emotional background (the backlight is one-color) immersing the gamer into the gameplay.

And, of course, the developers took care of the maximum comfort. The system is controlled using buttons on the front panel and a convenient remote control, all information about the current operating mode is displayed on a bright LED display. In addition to a wired connection, you can use Bluetooth, which allows you to start playing your favorite tracks quickly or podcasts - you just need to start them on a gadget previously paired with the acoustics. If you are accustomed to storing your music collection on a physical carrier - no problem, SVEN MS-2085 is equipped with a built-in player that perfectly reads music files from USB-flash and SD memory cards.

And if your collection is not enough, you can always trust the taste of radio DJs, since there is also an FM receiver. Despite the title of "gaming" SVEN MS-2085 will perfectly suit as the main home acoustics to bring a lot of positive impressions not only from gaming, but also from listening to music and watching movies. You can buy such a kit for yourself now in large stores of household appliances and electronics shops.